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Privacy policy

OKKO,inc. (referred to below as our company) swears to protect the privacy of our customers under the below conditions as required by law. (Personal Information Protection Law)

1. About Personal Information
Any complaints or consultations received will need either 1, 2, or more of the following in order to identify the user: (the following is considered personal information) Name, address, birthday, age, sex, phone number, family structure, email address, ID, IP address, place of work, place of work's phone number, credit card number, bank account number, information provided on our website.

2. Purpose of use
Our company uses the above information to provide the following services:
(1)To provide this service.
(2)In order to provide service to companies we see fit for services or products.
(3)Marketing data for this service.
(4)In order to prevent wrongful use of our service.

3. Period of use
Our company promises to keep the personal information safe for the purpose of use unless one of the following conditions occurs:
(1)When required by law to provide the information.
(2)When a user's life or estate is seen to be at risk and we cannot get consent of the person in question.
(3)When it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy fostering of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(4)In cases where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person entrusted with it to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and obtaining the consent of the user in question, will interfere with the execution of the affairs.

4. How to obtain the personal information
Our company acquires the personal information of all users who use this service. Acquisition of other personal information will be done in a fair manner and will not be acquired by an unfair method against the users will.

5. Acquisition Notification
When we acquire personal information by a method other than the user using this service, we will notify or announce the use purpose in advance. Even when the purpose of use is changed, it will be announced in this service.

6. Management of personal information
Our company will properly and safely manage personal information of users.

7. Outsourcing management
Our company may entrust handling of acquired personal information to an outsourced management company. In that case, a contract with the trustee is necessary and our company will supervise the trustee to properly manage personal information.

8. Provision of personal information to third parties
Generally, our company will not provide personal information of users to third parties without the user's consent. However, in the following cases this may not hold true:
(1) In cases where our company outsources a part of this service etc. and finds it necessary for carrying out consignment work.
(2) When disclosure or offer is permitted by law.

9. Disclosure of personal information
Our company will respond when the individual requests us to disclose the personal information of the individual. However, in the following cases, we may not disclose all or part of it.
(1)When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights of the user himself or a third party.
(2)Where it is a serious obstacle to our business to execute the request of disclosure.
(3)In case of violating laws and ordinances.

10. Correction of personal information
When our company is asked to correct, or add personal information of the user, our company will take the appropriate measures to confirm the accuracy of the corrected information.

11. Disclamer
In the following cases, we are not responsible for retracting personal information on a third party.
(1)When the user himself identified the personal information to a third party using the function of our company's service or another means.
(2)In case the individual can be identified by the information etc. entered by the user on our service.

12. About revision of privacy policy
We may revise all or part of our privacy policy without prior notice. In case of change, we will inform you on the corresponding service website etc.

Establishment Date:January 1st, 2017
Revision Date:April 1st, 2019